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Agile Delivery Training


Minimum VIable Agility


Better Products Delivered faster

Minimum VIable Agility


Unlike most agile training, Minimum Viable Agility is agnostic of methodology.  It focuses on: 

  • Developing an understanding of agile working and it’s benefits - what is agile and why is it effective

  • Teaching holistic agile practices that increase the value, quality and speed of product delivery 


The training is highly interactive with hands on exercises used to practice new techniques.

The final module is a workshop to design new ways of working. This is used for participants to:

  • Define how current processes will evolve to put new learnings into practice​

  • Define roles, responsibilities and ownership for process health and effectiveness

What's Covered

Participants will learn:

  • The importance of working in short feedback loops to increase value and quality

  • How to deliver in short feedback loops by working in small batches and limiting Work in Progress

  • Why smaller is faster

  • How to break large scale work into small iterations and then into small stories

  • Why delays increase feedback loops

  • How to reduce delays by using WIP limits

  • How to limit WIP with pair programming and effective stand-ups

  • How to use data as a tool to learn and improve agile process health

  • The importance of developing an agile mindset

Who is it for?

This is intended for software engineers, product managers, product owners, delivery managers, engineering managers and any technology leadership that wish to improve the value and quality of the products they deliver.


The agile training consists of 6 modules followed by a workshop to design new ways of working. 

This is delivered face to face over 3 days.  

Training can be tailored to your teams and organisation.


£750 per person for 3 days 

Discount available for multiple teams


Participants will also receive:

  • PDF copies of the training decks

  • A summary of key learnings including follow-up reading and useful resources

  • A set of guides to running agile ceremonies effectively


Additional Services & Support

A range of additional services are available to increase the impact of the training and successfully embed agile working within your product delivery teams.

Coaching & Troubleshooting

Provide additional follow-up support to your teams as they adopt their new ways of working

Delivery Metrics

Surface objective delivery data to empower your teams and leadership to identify and debug process problems

Knowledge Base

Provide on-demand support for your teams with a comprehensive agile library located in Confluence or your equivalent

Agile Onboarding Workshop

Get new people up to speed with your ways of working with an agile onboarding workshop

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