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What I Do

How I Help

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I use lean and agile techniques to help companies solve problems.

Every business is unique, but there are some common challenges.

How I Help
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Why isn't agile working?

I find out what’s going on

I get to grips with your way of working, discover the problems and root causes.

I provide a strategy to get back on track.

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HOW DO WE Adopt Agile?

I get you started 

I clarify the benefits of agile and create a shared definition  for your business.  I introduce agile at a pace that suits you.

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HOW do WE adopt agile outside tech?

I engage “the business”

I get business partners and stakeholders interested in the benefits of agile.  I support adoption using a test and learn approach.

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How do we Work X-Functionally?

I advise on team structure

I help you design teams around long term objectives.  I support cross-functional teams to define their new process and roles.

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HOW DO WE Scale Agile?

I help you stay nimble

I define a strategy to evolve your working model.  I help you leverage alignment, focus and autonomy to maintain agility at scale.

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HOW do WE Grow Faster?

I introduce growth teams

I help you create cross-functional growth marketing teams. I introduce lean practices that optimise every part of the funnel.

How I Work

How I WOrk

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I work with leaders and the C-team to define objectives and develop a strategy to achieve them.

I advise and support your team to implement the strategy.

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I coach managers and leaders to support agile working.

I coach the coaches, instilling the knowledge and tools to work independently of dedicated agile resource.

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I provide training for all levels of the business to develop an understanding of agility and its benefits.  I provide the tools and techniques to put training into practice.

How I Start

How I Start

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Define problems &
success measures 

Understand the problems or opportunities your business faces, and what success looks like.

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Uncover the root causes of problems and discover opportunities.  Create a strategy and plan of action.

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Work with your team and stakeholders to introduce incremental changes using a test and learn approach.

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