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What I Do

How I Help

I help companies adopt lean and agile working to increase impact, speed and engagement.  

Every business is unique, but there are some common challenges.

How I Help

Why isn’t agile working for us?

Why is our delivery slow?

How do we work cross-functionally?

How do we introduce product engineering?

How do we become agile?

How do we adopt agile outside of tech?

How do we scale agile?

How do we adopt growth marketing?

How I Start

How I Start

I work problem-first to understand your challenges, opportunities and success measures.

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Define problems &
success measures 

Understand the problems or opportunities your business faces, and what success looks like.

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Uncover the root causes of problems and identify opportunities.  Create a strategy and plan of action.

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Work with your team and stakeholders to introduce iterative change using a test and learn approach.

How I Work

How I WOrk

I tailor solutions targeted to achieve your outcomes and maximise value for your budget.  My toolkit includes:


I help you define objectives and develop a strategy.  

I support execution of that strategy.


I coach the coaches, enabling leaders & managers to successfully support agile working.


Training for all areas of the business to understand and practice lean and agile working.


Fractional support for companies that want guidance but don’t need full time coaching resource.

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