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Introducing Discovery

Discovery Training for Engineers and Product Owners

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Build the right thing

Introducing Discovery


Designed to help teams shift from output to outcomes, this training gives teams the tools and techniques to deliver ambitious results for your business.  

What's Covered

The training is split into three parts.  The first encompasses the training whilst the subsequent workshops are designed for participants to put learning into practice.  

All modules can be covered or you can mix and match to suit your needs.

Introducing Discovery, 1 x half day 

Participants will learn:

  • The purpose of discovery to validate value, viability, usability and feasibility

  • How to identify customer problems and opportunities using qualitative and quantitative data

  • How to define hypotheses to test

  • Prioritising solutions and experiments with the ICE framework

  • The importance of speed and tempo in experimentation

  • Why to “design like you’re wrong”

  • Dual track discovery cadence 

  • Discovery roles & responsibilities

  • Why engineers should participate in discovery

Go Discover Workshop,  1 x half day 

Using current, real world opportunities from your business, participants will:

  • Create a hypothesis

  • Brainstorm solutions

  • Identify a solution to test

  • Design a test which could be delivered in 1 day

Discovery in Practice Workshop, 1 x half day

In this workshop teams will design their discovery process.  It’s intended to ensure learning from the training are put into practice.  The workshop includes:


  • Defining the steps of the team’s discovery workflow

  • Agreeing who should be involved at each stage of discovery

  • Agreeing who should be accountable for each stage of discovery

Who is it for?

This is intended for software engineers, product owners that are shifting to become product managers, or business leaders that wish to develop an understanding of product discovery.


The discovery training consists of 3 parts.  The training module focuses on building knowledge while the subsequent workshops enable learning to be put into practice.

All content is delivered face to face.  

The content can be tailored to your teams and business.


£375 per person for 1.5 days 

Discount available for multiple teams


Participants will also receive:

  • PDF copies of the training decks

  • A summary of key learnings including follow-up reading and useful resources


Additional Services & Support

Coaching & Troubleshooting

Provide additional follow-up support to your teams as they adopt their new discovery process

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