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Agile Leadership 


Boosting Business 

Business Agility TRAINING FOR Leadership TEAMS

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Supercharge your business

Boosting business 


Historically, agile working has been the preserve of digital product and technology departments.  But in an increasingly fast paced and uncertain world, many organisations recognise the need to adapt - to find new ways to work to remain competitive.

Boosting Business is designed to upskill leadership, enabling them to lead change and adapt their businesses to maximise revenue, speed and engagement.  It covers each element of an agile working system from identifying impactful products and services and delivering them at pace, through to building high performing, engaged teams. 

What's Covered

Getting Better:
Identify High ROI Products & Services
  •  The importance of defining measurable business outcomes

  •  How to use data to source high impact opportunities

  •  How to use experimentation to validate opportunities early, minimising wasted investment

  •  How to balance investment between innovation and optimisation

Getting Faster:
Execute at Pace

Participants will learn:

  • Why alignment is critical to enable speed, and how to create aligned teams

  • How to leverage focus to increase speed of execution

  • How to reduce bureaucracy and streamline processes

Getting Happier:
Motivate Talent and Increase High Performance

Participants will learn:

  • ​How agile leadership differs to traditional management methods

  • How to motivate talent through purpose, autonomy and mastery

  • How to create purpose

  • How to use coaching to enable autonomy

  • How to use feedback to improve mastery

Participants will learn:

Who is it for?

This is intended for senior leadership including Heads of, Directors, VPs and C-Suite.  

The course is designed for those with limited knowledge of agile working, or those wishing to adopt agile working beyond software delivery.


The training consists of 3 modules delivered face to face over 3 days.  

Follow up support services are also available.


£750 per person for 3 days training

Participants will also receive:

  • PDF copies of the training decks and a summary of key learnings

  • A set of small challenges designed to put learning into practice 

  • A “playlist” of blog posts, talks and podcast as follow-up learning

  • A reading list of recommended books to dive deeper into individual topics


Additional Services & Support

A range of additional services are available to increase the impact of the training and successfully embed agile working within your product delivery teams.

Cross-Functional Team Design & Rollout 

Support to design your organisation around outcomes to create alignment, including:

  • Definition of team missions and key metrics

  • Definition of roles, responsibilities and accountabilities

  • Rolling out new teams and cross-functional working processes

Operating Cadence Design & Rollout

Support to evolve your operating cadence and governance process to manage through outcomes.  This includes:

  • Support to define your process and cadence for defining outcomes

  • Support to introduce feedback loops to provide visibility of plans and progress

  • Lightweight reporting templates to visualise progress and future plans

Coaching & Support

Additional follow-up coaching, troubleshooting and guidance to support you as you introduce change.

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