Better Faster Happier Case Studies


Moonpig Case Study

accelerated growth, increased speed
  • Increase speed of delivery

  • Improve engagement

  • Increase business value

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1. Creating cross-functional “squads” aligned around key business goals.

Involving all customer-facing teams, it included growth marketing teams aligned around acquisition, activation, retention and revenue.

2. Introducing growth marketing practices including data-led, high-tempo experimentation.

3. Introducing lean working practices including visualising work and limiting work in progress.

Moonpig Case Study Key Outcomes


  • £2.4M incremental revenue in the first 4 months

  • Cycle times reduced from months to days

  • 13% increase in alignment and involvement

  • 21% increase in enablement

  • Valued at 1.2billion at floatation

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GOUSTO Case Study

Accelerated growth, successful scaling
  • Enable the company to scale while maintaining agility

  • Improve alignment

  • Reposition technology as a business partner not a service delivery capability

  • Increase business value

Gousto Logo

1. Creating cross-functional “tribes” and “squads”, resulting in three tribes focused on growth, menu & marketplace and supply.

Each tribe comprised multiple cross-functional "squads" which integrated business and technology capability.  The Growth Tribe included cross-functional growth marketing teams. 

2. Integrating technology and business partners within relevant tribes and squads. 

Defining squad processes to support collaboration and alignment.

3. Introducing a lightweight governance model to allow alignment between leadership and individual squads.

Gousto Case Study Key Outcomes


  • Increased alignment

  • Technology repositioned as a partner rather than a delivery capability

  • Reduced process overhead enabling agility as the company scaled

  • 7% increase in customer retention

  • 40% increase in customer acquisition via referral 

  • Record sales and first year of profitability in 2020


OVO Case Study

Agility without agile coaches

  • Improve agile software delivery at scale such that it could be supported long term with a very small agile function (15-20 teams per agile coach)

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1. Defining a strategy and approach to agile working by establishing guard rails and engaging teams with their purpose and value through training.

2. Introducing process health metrics to enable "data-driven process improvement". 

Initiating process health reviews to enable leadership to support and challenge teams in continuously improving.

3. Building ownership and accountability for process health in teams by establishing clear roles and responsibilities.

Evolving the engineering career framework to link agile skills and mindset to pay and promotion.

OVO Energy Case Study Key Outcomes


  • Cycle time reduced by up to 80%

  • Improved predictability across 30+ tech teams

  • Agility embedded within the culture by linking skills and behaviours to reward and recognition

  • Greater clarity around career progression

  • Improvements delivered with a ratio of 10-20 teams per agile coach